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Tax Registration and Reporting

Our clients remain compliant and updated with changing sales tax laws and regulations

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Sales Tax Filings 

Managing  Sales Tax Across All Provinces
If your business provides taxable goods or services in Canada you are obligated to file a monthly Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). This is a provincial sales tax that is harmonized with Goods and Services Tax (GST) mandated in each province.  Each province have varying sales tax rules, regulations, rates, and filing guidelines.

The most experienced businesses leave this process to bookkeeping and accounting professionals.

FIS Corporate Services has the experience and resources to ensure you remain compliant and updated across all Canadian Provinces. 


Financial Reporting and Tax Returns

Reducing The Burden of Reporting
FIS Corporate Services acts as your accounting department. We prepare quarterly, semi-annual, and annual financial statements, and file the required business tax returns mandated by the Canadian Revenue Agency.
We understand that providing accurate and timely financial statements to your executive team is critical to the foundation to sound decision-making.


Our services are customizable and scalable to your business

Sales Tax Registration

Corporate Tax Registration

Financial Reporting 

Corporate Tax Returns

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