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Corporate Registration Services

Removing time consuming and stressful process of registering your business in Canada

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FIS Corporate Services can clear the hurdles of registering your business. All corporate entities wishing to establish business in Canada must properly register and declare their businesses on the Federal and/or Provincial levels.


We will assess your business and advise the type of registration suitable for your business model. We offer a variety of business registration services including Business Corporations and Limited Partnerships.

Advantages to Incorporating Business Entities in Canada

Companies expanding into Canada are able to access global markets through profitable trade agreements

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Trade Agreement that


Canada has signed


Number of countries honoring trade agreements with canada





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Notable Trade Agreements

Registering your business in Canada gives you access to massive trade potential

Registration Types in Canada

Corporation Registrations

Provincial Considerations

Corporate registrations are very popular in the Provinces of New Brunswick, Alberta, British Columbia and now in Ontario. In July 2021 Ontario repealed its local director requirements: no longer require local resident director on company board of directors.  It now puts it on par with the Provinces of New Brunswick, Alberta and British Columbia where there is no requirement for corporations to appoint local Canadian directors.

A partnership occurs when two or more individuals  or entities enter into an agreement to form a company to do business. There are, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships. Partnership registration is available in the Province of British Columbia (LLP) and Ontario (LP). A partnership is not a separate legal entity and therefore, it is not taxable at the partnership level. Profits flow directly to partners.

Partnership  Registrations

Internal Considerations and Consultation

Branches or Subsidiary

Intelligent Decision-Making

The two most common structures are to operate in Canada via a branch or to incorporate a Canadian subsidiary. A branch is not a separate legal entity, but is an extension under an already existing company operating in another jurisdiction. Upon registration the branch will have rights to conduct business in Canada and access to bank accounts.

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