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Establish Your Office

Growing your business into new markets is a complex endeavor that will challenge your senior staff managing expansion from a distance. 

You will find a series of challenges, uncertainties, and risk. You can mitigate risk by engaging knowledgeable local talent to guide your expansion effort successfully and efficiently.

A Transparent Physical Presence

Registered Agent Support

Some provinces mandate that corporations operating in the province be represented by  a registered agent.

FIS Corporate Services acts as your registered agent representing your business allowing us to accept tax, legal, and general business documents on your behalf. We provide you with a local phone, mail, and fax services as required.


Our range of services can provide you with a physical office to ensure a smooth and transparent presence. Representing your business gives your clients, suppliers, and government agencies the requirements and comfort that they are dealing with a credible and reliable international business.


Entity Management

Complete Corporate Support

We ensure that your business is compliant with all laws, regulations and guidelines at all levels of government. Through 5 years of service we have the experience and knowledge required to operate anywhere in Canada without fear of operating against the laws that are imposed by all three levels of government.

We can:

  • Provide full accounting and bookkeeping services.

  • Prepare and file annual corporate tax returns.

  • Provide local administrative support.

  • File provincial sales tax (HST/GST/PST) .

  • Execute payroll administration.

  • Administer full HR Management functions.

FIS Corporate Service offers one-stop customizable services to ensure your business is operating smoothly in Canada

Contact us to discuss how we can help expand your business plans

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