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We simplify the complexity of expansion

Since 2017

We are partners to our clients’ Canadian operations in the area of governance, financial accounting, business administration, and we provide critical administrative services to ensure a successful and profitable Canadian operation.


FIS Corporate Services allows international business entities to invest and operate prudently in Canada by ensuring their business operations are compliant with all laws and regulations in a timely professional manner.

We make a complex world simple, with experienced administrators, executives, and advisors to ensure that all rules and regulations are adhered to and operational compliance is maintained according to general accepted practices, laws, corporate governance, and policy.

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Fazal Rasool, Ph. D.

Fazal Rasool was appointed CEO of FIS CORPORATE in March 2020.

He works to ensure clients and prospects receive the best customer experience and business solutions.

Fazal has extensive international experience assisting clients  across  various  regions of the world to find customized solutions to fix their particular needs.

Prior to becoming CEO he held various leadership role including VP of Global Sales, TMF Group based in Toronto.


Fazal has a Ph.D. from  University of St. Petersburg and an M.A. (International Business) from University of Toronto.

Justin Bozzo, Attorney at Law

Justin is a conscientious attorney with strong interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to lead. Drawing on conflict resolution strategies and a wealth of knowledge in Canadian common law, Justin has identified innovative solutions to a wide range of disputes.

His experiences include mobilizing diverse groups of musicians and law students, managing a high volume of legal cases, and effectively advising professionals on the inner workings of government. Writing is the bedrock of Justin's success in art, law and academia, but it is an open mind and a willingness to learn that set him apart from his peers.

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Executive Advisory Team

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