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Human Resources and Payroll Administration

Assist with all your day-to-day HR and Payroll functions so you can focus on driving your business forward

A True Partner In Human Resource Administration

FIS Corporate Services provides you with a complete range of human resources solutions. Since 2017, we have served countless of satisfied clients who rely on our expertise in staffing, recruitment, and HR consulting.

We ensure your business is in compliance with Federal and Provincial labor laws with regards to health and safety requirements for all frontline and back-office staff.


Regardless of your industry, we carefully plan and execute a recruitment campaign that will attract the very best talent for your business. We recognize that Canada has one of the most qualified and educated work forces in the world and hiring the right people for your business determines your success.

Employee Support and Management

FIS Corporate Services acts as your human resources department. We provide you with comprehensive support and consultation for operational and strategic HR functions:
  • Implementation of HR policies and benefits administration.
  • Managing compensation for all levels of the organization including hourly rates, salary, bonuses and commissions.
  • Implement and monitor organizational development initiatives to ensure enterprise-wise growth for all employees.

Payroll Administration

The payroll process is complicated. Producing payroll correctly for every pay period is a difficult process and errors are common, hence payroll administration is best handled by experts. FIS Corporate Service offers ongoing payroll support for managing and resolving issues that come up in a typical pay period, and advise you of technical issues or when there are changes in the law. We can support you and your employees in multiple time zones, official languages, and provincial regulations.

Payroll Tax Deductions

Avoiding Critical Errors
Businesses operating in Canada are obligated to report their employment and payroll activities.

We ensure that payroll taxes have been properly deducted from the employee's income. This process can sometimes become overwhelming, prompting even the most experienced businesses to outsource their payroll functions to experienced payroll providers.

Payroll errors for taxes can cause serious complications for businesses. You can trust FIS Corporate Services to manage payroll as efficiently and effectively.

Payroll Compliance

Managing Variable Payroll Regulations By Province
FIS Corporate Services provides guidance to ensure that your company payroll policies adhere to employment laws on the Provincial and Federal levels. This can apply to overtime rates, holiday pay and several other payroll laws that differ from province to province.

As business grows, so does your payroll and it becomes increasingly important to have capable and reliable payroll support.

To find out more about how FIS Corporate Services can help you, call us for a consultation

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